Bergamot Salve Essential Oil
Fir Balsam Salve Essential Oil
Juniper Salve Essential Oil
Bulgarian Lavender Salve Essential Oil
Patchouli Salve Essential Oil
Peppermint Salve Essential Oil
Wild Mint Salve Essential Oil
Ylang Ylang Salve Essential Oil
Unscented Salve
Unscented Oil

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Third party laboratory tested, with certified analysis on all products. Golden icon with a red check mark inside a gold shield.
All hemp flower is organically grown indoors. Golden circle icon with a hand holding a leaf in the center.
No solvents and no genetically modified organisms. Golden circle with a DNA icon in the center.
One hundred percent all natural ingredients. Golden circle icon with a young plant growing in the center.
Grown and produced in Texas USA. Golden circle icon with a red, white and blue flag in the center.
Ninety day satisfaction guarantee. Golden circle icon with a smiling sun face in the center.